So Much to Be #thankful For

Kasey Schumacher

kasey schumacher | social cues | nov. 2019

Happy month of Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays and I am so excited it's almost here. Food, family and football, what's not to love? I have been the hostess of Thanksgiving at my house for the past few years, and I'm gearing up to play “hostess with the mostess” again this year. While I try to take a step back from social media during the holidays and enjoy being present, I started thinking about all the things I'm thankful for in relation to social media.

I'm thankful social media allows me to share photos and memories-in-the-making of my son with relatives across the country. Social media, despite all its pitfalls, does allow us to connect with those we care about but can't physically be with on holidays.

I'm thankful social media showcases the best holiday recipes! I have a homemade dinner roll recipe that's become a holiday favorite in my family, and I found the recipe video on Facebook.

I'm thankful social media allows me to organize holidays — recipes, decorations, traditions, even playlists! A quick Pinterest search gave me a lovely Thanksgiving playlist of songs to have on in the background.

I'm thankful social media lets me know about events. Early bird registration for the annual Festival Foods Turkey Trot race popped up on my Instagram feedback and September and we signed up. My husband still isn't sure how he married into a family that thinks it's fun to run several miles on holidays!

I'm thankful Twitter allows me to get football updates on Thanksgiving because I'm too buried in the kitchen to sit and watch an entire game. But let's face it, I get too antsy even when I'm not helping make an entire Thanksgiving dinner to sit and watch a game if it isn't the Packers!

I'm thankful Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and even YouTube gives a preview of the best Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. I don't even have to hunt for anything, they're all shoved to the top of my newsfeed and next thing you know I've spent money on things I didn't even know I needed.

I'm thankful social media lets me see what my friends are doing to celebrate the holidays. I truly love seeing how others celebrate the holidays, the fun traditions they have and share on social media.

I'm thankful social media can put things into perspective for me. As host, it's easy to get wrapped up in all the minor details of holidays. Social media sometimes has an article, picture, or post that allows me to see how #blessed I am and how much I truly have to appreciate and be grateful for this year.

I'm thankful social media can give me a laugh. I'm a huge fan of the television show “Friends,” and without fail, I see a collection of Thanksgiving clips from the show each year on Facebook. I don't even have to search it; it somehow just shows up every year. I look forward to laughing about the same Thanksgiving clips I've seen a hundred times.

I'm thankful social media allows me to see how much I've matured and grown (haha). The “memories” function on Facebook makes me wonder what was going through my head back in 2008 as a high school senior and why I thought it was important to share on Thanksgiving!

Kasey Schumacher is the marketing director for Let Me Be Frank Productions by day and a performer for the troupe by night. When she isn't updating Facebook or singing a 1970s classic, she enjoys running, cooking, questioning final rose picks on 'The Bachelor” and planning overly extravagant trips to Disney.

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