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Aaron Bergh

aaron bergh | bubbly | dec. 2019

It's that time of year again. The one we love and hate at the same time. The holidays are upon us (dun dun dun) and this means a number of things. First, that we'll be spending more time with people we like spending time with and also those we tolerate. Second, we'll be planning, preparing for and hosting parties! And then we'll be cleaning up everything from grandpa Tom's dropped napkins full of cranberry sauce, to our eighth cousin's new boyfriend Shane, who will undoubtedly start a political debate — a whole different kind of mess. But in the midst of all the chaos and busyness, one thing remains that will brighten the hearts of all: the Bubbly.

Whether it's cleansing our palate after an oversized bite of stuffing, filling our faces with a slice of salty ham or raising our glasses when the clock strikes 12 on New Years, nothing is more fitting than a glass of crisp, sparkling bubbles to make the holidays enjoyable.

Here are my recommendations for bubbles that you can indulge in without breaking the bank:

Proscotto -- From fifth-generation vintners whose roots go all the way back to Italy comes a refreshingly crisp sparkling wine from California. Composed of Malvasia Bianca, Pinot Grigio, and Verdelho, this food-friendly sparkling wine will draw you in with aromas of ripe golden apples and white tropical fruits and will keep you drinking with its zesty flavors and ample finish. And don't forget to pick up an extra bottle for mimosas in the morning!

Premius Blanc Brut -- It's like Champagne, but less expensive! I spend a lot of time in wine shops and after speaking to hundreds of customers in the bubbly aisle I'm convinced of one thing: most people think that any wine with bubbles in it is “Champagne." This, of course, isn't accurate. Champagne is a sparkling wine made with grapes from Champagne, France, using the methode traditionelle process. Premius Blanc Brut is a Cremant De Bordeaux made using grapes from the Bordeaux region of France, and with the same methode traditionelle process that is used to make Champagne. On a blind taste test it's actually very difficult to tell the difference!

Premius Blanc Bruthas a delicately creamy, biscuit-like quality. Its palate is fresh and fruity, with fine bubbles that will make your glass seem alive. Composed of Semillon, Cabernet Franc and Muscadelle grapes, take one sip and you'll be treated to tantalizing fresh apple and ripe peach. And when your friends and family thank you for the great “champagne," just smile and nod.

Alexandrie Brut Sparkling Wine -- If you want to wow your guests with both quality and presentation, this is the bottle for you. Made with 50 percent Pinot Noir and 50 percent Chardonnay, all from California's famed North Coast, this perfectly balanced wine will tempt even the toughest wine critics to ask for a second glass. The aromas of fresh-cut apricots and green figs will jump from the glass, while every sip will take you back to baked apple tart and ground nutmeg.

Alexandrie sparkling wine is made in small batches at Chloe Bello's Napa Valley winery. With her passion for wine, as well as her creative eye for design, Chloe brings you a world-class bubbly with sophisticated fun. This is a limited production wine, so if you get your hands on one, thank Santa for the early present.

-- 'Champagne Cocktail' image by Fredrik Rubensson is licensed CC BY-SA 2.0. Find more of his work here and a copy of this license here.

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