The Truth About The Writer-Editor Relationship

josh hadley

andrew: oh shit—josh hadley—feb. 2020

In my column I usually pontificate about some kind of pop culture slight I feel has my rage rising but this month I want to not talk pop culture and instead talk about a loss.

My editor here at Frankly Green Bay, Andrew Kruse, unexpectedly died as the new decade was arriving. Besides being my editor he was a friend. I really liked the guy and while he and I did not always agree on things I loved working for him. I can be a handful at times (anyone that follows me on social media will quickly find out I am a lawsuit just waiting to happen) and he was always able to wrangle me— not an easy task.

Andrew was the kind of editor that mostly stayed out of your way and only really pushed you into the direction he wanted but never MADE you
do into a direction he wanted. Sometimes I put him in a tough spot
such as the time I wrote a column that I knew was going to be
controversial and this was literally our exchange:

Me: I think you will hate what I wrote.

Andrew: Oh shit.

Andrew: Can I just send you twenty bucks to go see a film instead?

Me: I take it you no like?

Andrew: It's not that. On a personal level, I'm fine. Preserving
advertisers might be another story.

Me: Fine, let me find another topic. Slave driver …

Andrew: I'll owe you one.

Me: Dude you owe nothing. I am cool with it. Just let me think of
something else.

Andrew: Ok. Only you can make me feel like a corporate shithead.
Congrats on that.

Me: I didn't mean to.

Andrew: I know.

I worked with Andrew back on the Scene magazine days (the less spoken
about those the better) and followed him to Frankly Green Bay after
that turned into the disaster that it did. I was shocked when I saw the news about his death as I literally had just messaged him like two days before he died and he responded. I was sending him inane and goofy things online as I always did and it was a hard hit when I realized he would never get to respond to me. I will miss Andrew both while working here at Frankly Green Bay but also just talking to him
on the phone or our banter of the dumb crap we would discuss online.

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