Musical Cheers

blake matthews

musical cheers—blake matthews—march 2020

Chef, Cast Member Of LMBFP, Lead singer of Floral Friday.

Listening to: Neck Deep's Album; Life's not out to get you.

Watching: Netflix Original “The Witcher”

Underappreciated Ingredient: Soybean oil

Favorite Food: Rueben

Christmas Ham/Turkey: Turkey, never been a ham guy.

Favorite White: Stella's

Favorite Blue: PBR

Beer: BRW-SKI 4.8Abv Lager

Pre: Smells and looks like a normal light beer. The color is very pale. About what I expected from a can that looks like a Wisconsin license plate. Seems to be the average beer.

Post: Definitely better than Bud light, sorry not sorry. Hits you like a light beer, yet there's a lot more flavor. A little tanginess at the end. Extremely delightfully average beer.

You'll like this beer if you live in Wisconsin. It's almost perfect.

You wont like this, if you don't like beer.

9/10 Nothing too unique, but delightful and easy drinking.

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