Girls on Thin Ice—The Prequel

Kasey Schumacher

girls on thin ice—kasey schumacher—april 2020

Last month, I had the privilege of performing in “Girls on Thin Ice"— a prequel to the “Girls on

Ice" show we did last year. We put together a hilarious show featuring Amy Riemer, Lisa

Borley, Sarah Hibbard, Kelly Gusloff, and myself. It's been several months since I've had the real

inside scoop about a show and I am pleased to share another edition of my “25 Things You May

Not Have Known." This time, it's all about our all-girls dinner theatre show at Backstage at the


1. We found an old video on YouTube of the Swinging Knights singing “I'm So Excited," and their actual costumes were the inspiration for our dresses.

2. Amy found our matching purple dresses on Amazon. They're super comfortable!

3. I was intimidated to learn the fantastic a capella version of “How Will I Know," but it came together much easier than I thought it would.

4. We suggested a few group numbers to do, and “Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves" ended up winning.

5. Ryne Roulette, designer for Frankly Green Bay, designed our backdrop artwork!

6. Frank himself ran lights for the entire show!

7. Pat found and implemented the rewind sound effect that takes place in the second act—it wasn't there initially in rehearsals, but it ended up being one of the coolest additions to the show!

8. I choreographed “Edge of 17," too.

9. Kelly choreographed “Fame," which she also sang.

10. Kelly choreographed “I'm So Excited," one of Sarah's featured songs.

11. Kelly choreographed “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun," one of Amy's featured songs.

12. I choreographed “I'm Every Woman," one of Lisa's songs.

13. I was supposed to stand and deliver a significant monologue and song in the second act, but I told Frank it seemed more like a “stool song" to me (as in, a song you sit on a stool and sing directly to the audience). He let me go with it, and I ended up pulling a random stool from the bar at Backstage at the Meyer

14. The first time we performed any of these songs for a live audience was at the 66th annual CP Telethon a week before our performances even began.

15. All of our wigs came from Amazon, too!

16. We haven't always done shows in March. This is usually the time the cast is rehearsing for the next main stage show. We were already working on “Menoma Mia" music and choreography while rehearsing and performing this show!

17. Pat Hibbard claimed this was the easiest LMBF show he's been in—zero lines to memorize!

18. A few of our song selections have been done in previous shows either by the same performer, or a different individual. “Edge of 17," “Fame," “True Colors," “I'm Every Woman," and “You Better Run" have all been featured in the past 20 years of shows, to name a few!

19. The entire monologue where I explained the “rules" of being in the Swinging Knights to Sarah was all made up in rehearsal! In the script, it was left wide open. I ran with the freedom and created a new block of lines.

20. Kelly had actual ID cards in her sparkly gold fanny pack including her husband David's high school senior ID card from 2007!

21. The clipboards that Amy, Kelly, and Lisa used during the audition scene actually contained the script for the show.

22. Backstage at the Meyer is a fantastic venue, but interestingly enough, it doesn't have a huge backstage area for five adult women to use as a dressing room. Because of that, most of us got completely prepped for the show before arriving. We looked kind of funny walking down the street in our wild wigs and purple dresses!

23. Kelly Klaus, our sound engineer, always does an amazing job mixing the sound at the Meyer Theatre. We were thankful to have his skills and expertise for this show, too!

24. I've never been the one to accessorize my costume a lot but I loved seeing how other people incorporated '80s glasses, hair clips, jewelry, and colors into their looks.

25. Almost all of our real-life husbands (or soon-to-be husbands!) were mentioned in the script! Lisa's husband, Cody, is a drummer in real life. We brought up David Gusloff, Kelly's husband in the show, too. Sarah mentioned meeting a saucy Luigi at St. Norbert — that's a true story, and they're getting married in October. My married and maiden names were a little anecdote in the show. And of course, we mentioned Frank Hermans himself (Amy's husband!).

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