Musical Cheers

Paul Hanna

musical cheers—paul hanna—april 2020

Occupation: Musician/Entertainer

Listening to: Dada El Subliminoso

Watching: the news unfortunately

Favorite Recipe: Zuppa Tuscana soup in my Instant Pot

Favorite White: Stella's

Favorite Blue Collar Brews: Miller High Life, Miller Lite, Busch Light, Coors Banquet Beer

Favorite White Collar Brews: Ommegang Rosetta Sour, Spotted Cow, Ten Fidy Imperial Stout

Beer: Stillmark Perky Porter 8 percent AbV Lager

Pre: smells malty and like coffee, dark in color. Labeling is dark with coffee mug over fire. I'm expecting a heavier malty porter.

Post: (duh) Tastes like grandma's kisses, just kidding! Has a coffee flavor with hints of chocolate.

You'll like this beer if you like coffee and porters.

You wont like this, if you don't like malty, dark beers.

Rating 1-10: 8

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