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Kasey Schumacher

social media while social distancing—kasey schumacher—august 2020

When I read July's edition of Frankly Green Bay, I noticed Frank Hermans wrote an article about the top ten best and worst things that happened to him during the ongoing COVID pandemic. I was intrigued by Frank's list, and as they say, imitation is the highest form of flattery. I decided to take a slightly different approach and add a little social media focus to my own list of the top ten best social media things that happened to me during the ongoing pandemic. While there are numerous points I could name off in a worst things list, I'm trying to focus on the positive and find as many silver linings as I can in the crazy, sad, and bizarre year that is 2020. It's easier said than done. As Frank mentioned with his list, I hope you laugh or smile at this light-hearted and personal article.

10. I have discovered a love for podcasts! I never understood the appeal of listening to something that wasn't music and also didn't contain a visual component. I was so wrong! Throughout the safer-at-home orders, I came to love listening to podcasts while taking a walk and clearing my mind. My top favorites include “Crime Junkie," “The Office Ladies," and “1619."

9. I was able to share an adorable video of me and my son performing a song that would have been in Let Me Be Frank Productions' performance of “Menoma Mia." Seriously, not like I'm biased or anything, but take a look at the video on the LMBF Facebook page from March and try not to smile. My son, Wilson, totally stole the scene.

8. I was able to share a bunch of fantastic LMBF shows from the past. Frank came up with a great idea to share old shows with our friends, fans, and families via the LMBF Facebook page while we were participating in safer-at-home orders. As the person who runs the LMBF Facebook page most of the time, I was tasked with promoting, sharing, and interacting with viewers watching old shows. I had a blast singing along to the songs, laughing at ad-libbed scenes, and recalling dances I'd forgotten about in shows like “Duck Creek Dynasty," “Denmark Activity Bus," “The Golden Bowl Mixed Couples" and more.

7. I found out via Facebook that “Hamilton" was coming to Disney months before it was supposed to hit theaters. My phone and my jaw dropped when I saw the announcement early on the morning of May 12, 2020.

6. As I mentioned in last month's magazine, I started a hobby Instagram page. My @kasey_in_the_kitchen page has brought me so much baking inspiration and happiness.

5. I discovered the appeal of TikTok. The app TikTok made a big splash during safer-at-home orders. Before this year, I didn't understand the point of TikTok, but I am always willing to give a social media platform a try. While I don't think I'll be making my own TikTok videos very often, I often find myself using TikTok as an incredibly entertaining pastime. I once entertained myself by watching TikTok videos on my treadmill for over 45 minutes. I should probably be embarrassed by that fact, but really, don't knock the app until you try it.

4. In times of stress, anxiety, and uncertainty, my Pinterest app allowed me to find helpful resources. From articles about self-help, entertaining a toddler in quarantine, to 10-minute breathing technique videos, and inspirational quotes, Pinterest has become so much more than the place I simply use to find new recipes.

3. I reconnected with old friends. Something about knowing I was going to be at home for the long haul without person-to-person interaction caused me to reach out to some of my friends I'd lost touch with over the years. I reconnected with a friend from high school and shared a bunch of laughs, memories, and even swapped parenting tips and stories!

2. Zoom for the win. I'd never used Zoom before the pandemic. I've since used it at least weekly, and for a variety of reasons. My family created a weekly Zoom chat so we could all “see" each other and catch up. A group of friends also created a weekly Zoom chat where we virtually shared a drink and discussed everything under the sun. I've also used Zoom for a grad school class I completed during the pandemic to hear lectures and interact with other classmates.

1. Being at home caused me to evaluate the time, energy, and effort I put into social media channels, both personally and professionally. My evaluations led me to make changes, implement personal guidelines, and use social media more wisely. I also evaluated my social media choices in terms of my accounts and profiles. While I love certain social media platforms, others I had just for the sake of having them. I decided to deactivate my unused Twitter account because it was taking up space, wasn't being used, and it's simply not a channel I find personally relevant.

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