Getting To Old For This...

josh hadley

getting too old for this—josh hadley—sept 2020

Do you ever get the feeling that society has left you behind? I mean that you just really don't get today?

I am not talking about " … oh the music I listened to at age 13 is better than what 13 year old's listen to today." I mean, I really think this generation is less intelligent then ours and I think it's due to society itself.

The past WAS superior to the now.

I really do think that our technology is making us all into cold hearted fleshbots that stopped trying to evolve because that might prove to be difficult. Look at the main segment of today's youth and you see a vapid group of Instagram addled inbreds that can't survive without an internet connection or without a cell phone growing out of their head. These are the kinds of base humans that value what twitter followers say more then what their parents or teachers (or society might) say. These are the kinds of borderline homo sapiens that giggle at the homo part in their species genotype (and the same kind that have to look up what a genotype is). These are the kind of sad and pathetic people that get joy out of seeing others hurt or suffering. To them everything is a youtube clip or a video game moment. Everyone they meet is a future "people of Wal-mart" victim or a potential prank causality.

People today think that making fun of kids with downs syndrome is funny. People today think that making fun of kids with down syndrome that get offended at being made fun of is funny. People today think that making cartoon characters have sex is funny. People today think that a movie is "slow" if there is not an explosion or a killing in the every 10 minutes. People today won't believe anything without video "Pics, or it didn't happen bro." People today are openly racist and thuggish with no comprehension they are on the wrong side of history. People today are not people— they are consumers of one another in the sense that they are media zombies slowly eating each other until there will, eventually, be nothing left.

People today have been indoctrinated into this instant gratification culture that allows them to get everything they want without having to anticipate or work for that thing. They want a movie or they want to watch an old Knight Rider episode because it's "ironic", well there is always netflix at an instant. Want to hear a song, well there is always Spotify. Need to do math? There is always a calculator in your phone, or your Ipad or anything that does not involve doing the math in your head or ... god forbid, taking out a pen and some paper and doing it LONG HAND. AAAAAA run for the hills ...

People still think that, "OMG? Did u c? LOL? w/e ttyl... l8r" is language. It is literary vandalism in the most real sense there is. People try to explain it as language expanding and evolving with the times; this is something I cannot and will never agree with. Calling “50 Shades of Grey" literature, is not just an insult to real literature but lowering the standards of words themselves to that of grunts and snorts.

Today's culture is so desensitized to everything that nothing is shocking anymore and on a societal level this is a bad thing. There should always be extremes that result in revulsion from the majority of humans but today it seems we are losing that revulsion. Horse f**ing, child f**king, necrophilia, having every inch of natural flesh inked, replacing organs and nature with machine parts simply because you can, self mutilation etc. are all now okay in society. There is a reason these things used to be underground.

"But Josh, gays used to be underground as did all that music and those comics you like so much."

Shut the hell up, there is a huge difference between gays having to hide it and people that cut their own body parts off for fun. Homosexuality should never have been looked down upon like it was. A dude with a dude, a chick with a chick, it's sick that this was ever a societal outcasting. Gay people are just as good or just as bad as straight people, accept it. Look at the internet itself. If you ever had hope that humanity was worth saving all one needs to do is glance at the internet to see that we have already lost and are too far gone.

All of pop culture has been taken over with what I call the Jackassifcation of the youth. Shitting in public, making your friends yack and hurting each other is now what we call entertainment. Why not just bring back the lions and feed some homos to them. That's entertainment right? How about televised executions? Hey, lets just make “The Running Man" really happen. See real people get really killed all for us to cheer on. You mean “Deathrace 2000" was just a movie and not a promotional video for the real thing? Damn it. A Drome is an arena of combat for dueling, so a Videodrome is where movies and TV battle for supremacy. Are we not in a Videodrome right now both with the net and with television?

Today, everything is a potential youtube clip. Why is this? Can't anyone just remember anything anymore? Does every moment of your pathetic little lives need to be recorded? What? So in case you do something memorable you will get net famous for 13.5 minutes (today you don't get the full Andy Warhol amount any longer)? Is nothing private anymore? When you and your wife screw do we all need to see it? Why is there even a market for this? Why is there an audience for voyeurism in not just the sexual arenas but in everything? "Reality" TV was just a big voyeurism experience in the most pathetic sense, at least when you watch people screw you get to see screwing. What did you get from “Jersey Shore" or “Teen Mom"?

You get to pretend you are not as bad as those people on the screen, people I might add, you secretly admire. You know what?

You people are messed up.

Why do the rest of us have to see everything you do in a day. "Today I had a piece of toast, it was burnt but I ate it anyway."


Twitter and facebook and texting and instant messages have made us a more fractured species, not a closer one. These things drive us apart, not draw us together. Put down the phone and talk to someone. You might just find that you get more enjoyment out of that than text on a screen. Don't ogle a girl you like on facebook, go up and talk to her. Interact with people, god damn it. Don't text me a message, call me and tell it to me, let me hear your voice, your inflections, your tone and let me interact with you.

Lets be human again, not machines with biological parts.

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