Artstreet: Top 10 Reasons to Buy Art Locally

Tina Quigley

tina quigley | everything arts | august 2015

Artstreet has been bringing art out of studios, galleries and museums and into the streets of downtown Green Bay for 34 years. Each summer, the fine arts festival features activities like artist demonstrations providing a view of artists and their work during the creative process, children's activities featuring creative art projects, cultural displays highlighting community arts organizations, an array of culinary specialties, and music, dance, literary and theatrical performances on stage and in the streets. And, of course, the opportunity to view and purchase beautiful pieces of art.

But just in case that's not enough to convince you to pencil Artstreet into your calendars, here are 10 reasons why you should buy art locally at Artstreet:

Invest in Your Community: Buying art locally contributes to the creative fabric of your community. It builds character and creates an atmosphere that makes people want to stay and put down roots.

Create Jobs and Support the Economy: By purchasing art locally you not only are supporting the character of your community, but the job market and economy as well.

It's Original: Each piece you purchase from an artist has a distinctive handmade feel to it. You can take pride in a piece of art that is one-of-a-kind and join in that feeling of exclusivity that you can't purchase at a retail store.

Meet the Artist: Buying at Artstreet gives you an opportunity to meet the artist who created the piece you love. This unique experience gives you a behind-the-scenes look at the artist's creative process and allows for you to build relationships.

It's Affordable: Buying pieces from artists directly is an investment. The original pieces you purchase from artists at Artstreet will only grow in value over time.

Curate and Collect: Curating your own collection of original art is one of the greatest ways to express yourself! Each piece reflects your individuality and identity, and gives you a sense of pride in your décor.

Improve Quality of Life: Purchasing beautiful things enhances the atmosphere in all living spaces, whether it's in your home, your office, or some other place you frequent. Art brings warmth, humanity, character and inspiration into spaces, which improves overall quality of life.

Communication: Original pieces of art serve as great conversation starters! Art can spark a discussion about inspiration, expression, experiences, trips you've been on, and more importantly, art can communicate when words fail.

Enhance Your Well-Being: Purchasing art can enhance your well-being. Being surrounded by things you love gives you a sense of comfort, pleasure, and overall enjoyment. Artists can create a mood or feeling with every piece of art, promoting positive mental health.

Shopping Locally Is Fun: Some of the greatest purchases are found when you least expect them! Taking part in a local art fair like Artstreet allows you to purchase from vendors you don't normally get to interact with. There is always something new and unexpected around the corner!

Experience Artstreet on August 28, 29 & 30! Visit for details.

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