Let Me Be Frank’s all new musical comedy ’Clintonville Shaken, Not Stirred’

On March 22, 2012, a shock was felt around the world ... well, Waupaca County, mostly Clintonville. It was a 1.5 magnitude quake that shook the city, kind of, almost like a good cherry bomb on the 4th of July. Conspiracy theorists have suggested that the cause could have been an earthquake or maybe fracking in neighboring states or maybe HAARP. What is HAARP you ask? HAARP, also known as High Frequency Aural Research Program, are programs working with the government to produce sound waves to promote military programs and underground discovery.

Well, Let Me Be Frank's makes up their own story about the events of March 22, 2012. Clintonville resident Dr. Specter has a bustling business with an edible arrangement and delivery program. Since Clintonville is the birthplace of Northwest Airlines, Dr. Specter uses Clintonville as a national distribution facility for his arrangements, or does he? Blonde, Jane Blonde and Dinero, Peso Dinero are sent in to investigate the so-called earthquakes. What they find will surprise you … and you may think is Frank right? Of course he isn't!

This hilarious musical opens Feb. 6th and runs through Feb. 28th at the Meyer Theatre, the 2015 season is once again brought to you by Diamonds and Gold. Shows are at 8 p.m. on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, with a Matinee at 1 p.m. on Saturday Feb. 28th, for tickets go to www.ticketstaronline.com or call 920-494-3401.

Featuring: Frank Hermans as Dr. Specter, Pat Hibbard as Mayor Hillary, Amy Riemer-Hermans as Jane Blonde, Cassidy Heim-Dittmer as Peso Dinero, Tom Verbrick as Sherriff Bill and returning to the stage … Heath Hermans as Igor! Band includes: Dennis Panneck, guitar; Pat Hibbard, bass; Adam Cain, drums and Tony Pilz on keyboards.

Photos courtesy Sue Pilz

Songs: “Clintonville Shaken, Not Stirred"

“Ridin' the Storm Out" — REO Speedwagon

“Jumpin' Jack Flash" — Rolling Stones

“Rock Steady" — Aretha Franklin

“Life's Been Good" — Joe Walsh

“Fernando" — Abba

“Never Been Any Reason" — Head East

“OOO Baby Baby" — Smokey Robinson and the Miracles

“A Little More Love" — Olivia Newton John

“Flirtin' with Disaster" — Molly Hatchet

“Sausalito Summernight" — Diesel

“Outta Space" — Billy Preston

“Reach Out and Touch" — Diana Ross

“I'm Eighteen" — Alice Cooper

'Middle of the Road" — The Pretenders

“Don't Call Us" — Sugarloaf

“Please Mr. Please" — Olivia Newton John

“Barracuda" — Heart

“Suddenly" — Billy Ocean

“Deuce" — KISS

“I Couldn't Get It Right" — Climax Blues Band

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