2016 Let Me Be Frank Season Preview

Diamonds and Gold and the Meyer Theatre present the 2016 Let Me Be Frank season. LMBF features six brand new musical comedies that will bring you to tears with unbridled comedy. The musicianship of LMBF will wow you, and the vocal talent will astound you. Voted Best of the Bay the last five years, Frank and the gang is, once again, going to amaze you with their creativity and skills! Here's a brief synopsis of the 2016 season!

“De Pere Detention Club"

Feb. 5 – Feb. 27

This amusing story takes place in the early '80s and spoofs “The Breakfast Club." The nerd, the jock, the popular girl, the athlete and the dirt bag are sent to detention on Saturday in De Pere. Mr. Hermans wants them to write an essay on what they learned that day. Well let's just say they all learn a lot about themselves and each other. Kelly Gusloff is back for this show along with Paul Evansen and David Gusloff.

“Kewaunee County Pickers"

April 8 – April 30

Frank and Mike are on the lookout for that one-of-a-kind find: an old Harley, a Howdy Doody doll, or Frank's real family. Along the way Mike meets the girl of his dreams, but then loses her at a Deterville auction. Can he find her? She left behind an old Army boot that only fits her, sending Mike to search the backwoods for Sister Golden Hair in this 1970s Cinderella story.

“49 ½ Shades of Frank"

June 10 – June 25

The '60s were a time of free love, well, it's not been too free for Frank, his phone bill is out of whack. Frank and his friends are hoping to hook-up with one of the Alice's in Dairyland, hook-up as in the phone company. Remember these phone numbers: hemlock4235, 49R12, 81R11, BR549 or having a party line? Well there was a lot of partying going on in the '60s.

“Frank and Pat's Pizza"

July 22 – Aug. 20

It was the first pizza palace in Green Bay. With the influx of Belgians, Germans and Poles in the Green Bay area, is an Italian restaurant going to make it? Well, let's just say the kiddos of the early '60s ate it up, literally.

“Rattle Those Pots and Pans, Mirro Style"

Sept. 23 – Oct. 15

The Mirro Aluminum Company in Manitowoc was a worldwide supplier of cookware, and with the invention of the pressure cooker, Mirro became a household name and one of the top employers of Manitowoc County. The '50s were a boom time in Manitowoc. The S.S. Badger was setting records in the car and train ferrying biz and the bars were rocking in Manty. The assembly lines had a few pressure cookers going as well. Watch one explode!

A Frank's Christmas “Toy Box Story"

Dec. 2 – Dec. 23

Little Amy's toy box is full of figurines, from The Hulk to Little Bo Peep. The figurines love Amy and all the cool things she does with them. They have actually formed their own gangs: “The Clothed Gang" and the “Naked Gang" (that stay in the toy box). When Amy receives a new figurine on Christmas, things get tense. Which gang will this new Fleet Farm Guy side with? It's tough in this marshmallow world.

Season tickets are just $147 (six shows for the price of five). Call LMBF's season ticket manager, Cindy at (920) 676-8883. You can select all shows or pick four or pick five of your favorite titles.

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