LMBF's 'The Death of Al/Alice Capone'

Elliot Ness is on the case.A musical, comedy, murder mystery

On Friday, May 18, Let Me Be Franks brings its all-new, musical comedy, murder mystery, “The Death of Al/Alice Capone" to the Endries Performing Arts Center, located at Brillion High School. Al or Alice Capone is on a little vacation in Calumet County and brings his gal pal The Lady in Red for a little socializing at The Crystal Ballroom. Al knows if he dresses like a dame in Chicago the press would have a field day, so in order to be Alice for a while, a getaway to Dairyland, Calumet County, is just what the doctor ordered. The Chicago Northwestern railroad line makes a stop in Forest Junction and brings along some other notorious gangsters, unbeknownst to Al, for a little getaway also; Baby Face Nelson and John Dillinger. Then suddenly, Al is shot dead, who did it? All of the gangsters had a dislike for Al, could it be one of them? Or could it be someone in the audience? Famed G-man Elliot Ness is sent to solve the case. This show will have you wondering who the killer could be, could it be you? Solve the crime while singing along to the great music and laughing your head off.

For tickets go to www.endriespac.com or call (866) 967-8167. Tickets $25 reserved seating 7:30 p.m. showtime. Starring: Frank Hermans, Amy Riemer, Tom Verbrick, Pat Hibbard, Mike Hermans and Paul Evansen.

Songs Include

'Magic Moment' — Jay and The Americans

'Hey Big Spender' — Norman Newell

'Tangerine' — Johnny Mercer

'Whatever Lola Wants' Sarah Vaughn

'That's Amore' — Dean Martin

'Cara Mia' — Jay and the Americans

'Jackson' — Johnny Cash

'Devil with a Blue Dress' — Mitch Ryder

'He Stopped Loving Her Today' — George Jones

'Summer Wind' — Sinatra

'I'm Busted' — Ray Charles

'It Had to be You' — Harry Connick Jr.

'Paper Doll' — Mills Brothers

'Almost Like being in Love' — Marion Bell

'Such a Night' — Elvis Presley

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