LMBF's Serves Up a Slice of History in 'Frank and Pat's Pizza'

All-new musical comedy opens July 22

Green Bay, Wis. (June 23, 2016) Diamonds and Gold and Cranky Pat's Pizza present Let Me Be Franks all-new musical comedy “Frank and Pat's Pizza" July 22 — August 20. Hosted by the Meyer Theatre, this is Let Me Be Franks fourth musical of the season!

Our fictitious story revolves around Frank and Pat's Pizza, the first pizza joint in Green Bay. Frank and Pat's opened its doors in 1957 and soon became the place for after bar fare. Let Me Be Franks puts a twist to this historic pizza palace and looks into the fictional owners Frank and Pat. Could we possibly have a better name for a show than the two gentlemen that write the shows? I think not.

Frank and Pat, both Italian immigrants from DeKalb, Illinois, were on the cusp of stardom in the '50s as a duo when the Everly Brothers stole their limelight. The Frank and Pat Brothers had a few minor hits in DeKalb but decide to stick their life savings into a pizza parlor in Green Bay, Wisconsin and give up on the entertainment biz. Pat's secret family recipe is the key to their success. Opening a pizza joint in Green Bay is a little out in left field as Germans, Belgians and Polacks don't even know what a pizza is. How will they become successful? Marketing to the female population! Son David delivers a few Frank and Pat's specials to the College of Cosmetology next to the Bay Theater and invites the girls to a grand opening party. Lisa, one of the cosmetology students, wonders if they are the same Frank and Pat brothers of DeKalb music fame. Hilarity ensues!

Cast: Frank Hermans, Pat Hibbard (Frank and Pat), David Gusloff as Frank's son David, duh! Amy Riemer, Lisa Borley, Emily Moore, and Kasey Corrado are the gals from Wisconsin College of Cosmetology. Tom Verbrick plays The Frank and Pat Brothers' agent, Colonel Tom Verbrick. Band: Dennis Panneck, guitars; Jeff Arnold, keyboards; Adam Cain, drums and Pat Hibbard, bass.


Little Darlin' — The Diamonds

Lonely Weekends — Charlie Rich

Handyman — Jimmy Jones

Why Do Fools Fall In Love — Frankie Lymon

Maybe — The Chantels

Happy Happy Birthday Baby — Tune Weavers

Keep Your Hands Off My Baby — Little Eva -Emily

Mashed Potato Time — Dee Dee Sharp -Lisa

Monster Mash — Bobby Pickett - Tom

Please Mr Postman — The Marvelettes -Kasey

Stop, Stop, Stop — The Hollies

You've Got The Magic Touch — The Platters

Anyway You Want It — Dave Clark Five

Hanky Panky — Tommy James & The Shondells

He's So Fine — Chiffons

Everybody's Somebody's Fool — Connie Francis

Baby I Love You — Ronettes

I've Told Every Little Star — Linda Scott

I Can't Stay Mad At You — Skeeter Davis

Dancing In The Streets — Martha and the Vandellas.

Battle of New Orleans — Johnny Horton

All I Have To Do Is Dream — The Everly Brothers

When Will I Be Loved — Linda Ronstadt

Bye Bye Love — The Everly Brothers

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