Gregory Frederic: A Passion for Painting

Donna Fischer

donna fischer | the artist next door | jan. 2016

Artists take ideas and give them dimension so they can be shared, accepted or dismissed by others. Gregory Frederic's works in acrylic on canvas have a way of reaching out to viewers with rich colors swirling in a dance that conveys deep meaning. Imagery that hints at themes like creation, harmony and motion fill his paintings.

Frederic was born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, and began his art career creating murals for the World Health Organization. He had his first solo exhibition of paintings in acrylic in 2011, where he sold 14 original paintings. After relocating to Green Bay in 2013, Frederic got married and started a family.

His paintings lead the viewer in a complex journey through multiple planes of form and expression. “As an artist, the inspiration for my modern eclectic artwork is about bringing anything surreal to life," he says. “Also as a child, my cubistic aspects came from my love of math. Through my eyes, objects were broken down into geometric shapes."

Frederic says he's not influenced by any artist in particular, but claims that cubism increases the harmony between lines and shapes in his artwork. When asked about the relationship between art and the viewer, Frederic says that connections are limitless.

“It's almost easier to answer how does art not influence people? The possibilities are endless! In the same way a song can change someone's mood, evoke a memory or heal someone's soul, a piece of art can do the same and I believe it. I would like my work to bring people places where they have never been. I would like my work to stay immortal in the memory of each person. As an artist, my work should impact others and make a difference."

Putting ideas to canvas is this artist's way of expressing the feelings and ideals he wants so much to share with others.

“Art is important in my life because it's a way of giving, sharing and expressing myself."

This full-time artist currently has 19 paintings in the works and is busy redesigning his studio-gallery. He seems to love what he does and where he's situated.

“It's an exciting time for artists in Green Bay with the addition of The Public Arts Commission. The Green Bay art scene is advancing an essential part of life in our city. I am so proud to be living in Green Bay and have the chance to bring the beauty of my culture through my art here. The art scene can change if we are all working together and want to say 'I'm here and ready to make a difference in our community.' Let's make the walls 'dirty' with beauty in all different aspects ... that's the impact I want to bring here."

Murals are catching on like wildfire in Green Bay and Frederic says he'd love to be a part of this colorful trend. “I'm ready to do whatever possible to make art alive in Green Bay again. My dream mural for the community is one done by a collaboration of local artists."

Frederic looks forward to joining other artists exhibiting at ArtiGras this March where he took Best in Show honors in 2015.

See more of his work and even shop for clothing featuring his art at

Frederic's work can be seen the ARTgarage now through January 28th.

Donna Fischer is an avid fan of music, film and art. When she's not writing on these subjects you'll find her gardening or snowshoeing around Green Bay.

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