Live-Tweeting 'A Frank's Christmas'

Kasey Corrado

Live-Tweeting 'A Frank's Christmas'

Where did the time go? It seems like I was just live tweeting our Christmas show in 2015! During our December 8 performance of “A Frank's Christmas" I took to Twitter to share a different perspective of our show. Follow @FranklyGreenBay on Twitter to join the conversation.

@FranklyGreenBay 7:28pm — It's @KaseyRenee12 here! Who's ready for another Franks Christmas show??? This girl. Tonight's show is 2 of 2 today. Busy day for LMBF.

@FranklyGreenBay 7:31pm — Before the magic of hair and makeup. I need some energy! McDonald's Diet Coke to the rescue.

@FranklyGreenBay 7:41pm — I used to LOVE listening to Christmas music. But since I was in college I've been a part of Christmas shows where we start singing…

@FranklyGreenBay 7:42pm — Christmas songs in like October. So whatever the set list is for the show, that's basically my playlist for the season.

@FranklyGreenBay 7:43pm — I found out during our first rehearsal of the Mirro show that we were going to be toys in the Christmas show and that I'd be Belle.

@FranklyGreenBay 7:44pm — I almost started crying. I'm not kidding. I've been waiting 25 years for this.

@FranklyGreenBay 7:46pm — I used to have a Belle outfit I wore EVERY SINGLE DAY when I was 2. I refused to wear anything else for about a year. My poor mom.

@FranklyGreenBay 8:02pm — There always seems to be something I get to/have to do in a show I've never done before — in this it's pinning Lisa's wig to her DRESS.

@FranklyGreenBay 8:07pm — And the after! #nailedit #stillgotthedietcoke

@FranklyGreenBay 8:08pm — The set pieces in this show are some of my favorite in LMBF. Tracey, our light designer, her husband made them Thanks David!

@FranklyGreenBay 8:10pm — It took me about 4 performances, not even rehearsals, to pick up on the fact that Whiskonite was our version of kryptonite.

@FranklyGreenBay 8:11pm — I thought Whiskonite was a brand of whiskey. I wish I was kidding. #booksmart not #streetsmart

@FranklyGreenBay 8:12pm — Pat literally sings the lyrics “O-U-T spells out" in this song. Also took me about 15 times hearing it to realize it. #whyamiadmittingthis

@FranklyGreenBay 8:14pm — I see people in the audience with wine. When I used to come to these shows with my parents before I was in it I ALWAYS spilled wine laughing.

@FranklyGreenBay 9:09pm — First act done! Frank added something tonight about it being “best the first time" — not sure what that meant haha

@FranklyGreenBay 9:10pm — It reminded me of that song “feels like the first time" by foreigner. We should do that song in a show. If you're reading this frank ;-)

@FranklyGreenBay 9:11pm — My favorite part of this show is the first 5 songs of the second act — can't beat run run Rudolph and the silent night trio

@FranklyGreenBay 9:12pm — Fun fact — not to brag or anything, but it was totally me who suggested the silent night trio. I think we have a winner on our hands!

@FranklyGreenBay 9:12pm — Learning the silent night harmonies wasn't nearly as difficult as it sounds. We put that together pretty quickly in rehearsal.

@FranklyGreenBay 9:13pm — It helps when you're a part of a trio with Amy and Lisa…I mean it doesn't get much better than singing alongside the two of them.

@FranklyGreenBay 9:13pm — There's a box of chocolates sitting in our dressing room. I've refrained so far. Don't wanna look like I have brown stuff in my teeth.

@FranklyGreenBay 9:16pm — The toy rocking horse is actually very difficult to ride. It is not acting when I can't get on it every night. That is as real as it gets.

@FranklyGreenBay 9:19pm — “You can wear that Belle dress as your wedding dress! You don't even need to get a new dress" HA. I hope that woman was joking.

@FranklyGreenBay 9:19pm — This was made for a one time wear for a drunk Halloween extravaganza. Not a full run of a 2-hour Christmas show. Just saying.

@FranklyGreenBay 10:28pm — 9 shows down! 14 more chances to see it!

@FranklyGreenBay 10:29pm — welp. My mic cut out as I was heading into one of my songs. Frank rushed out in true superman form to give me his mic. I held it and sang.

@FranklyGreenBay 10:36pm — Just gotta roll with the punches! It's all good! J

@FranklyGreenBay 10:37pm — It was a fun night though. Join us for our first show of 2017 in February…..I have a spoiler alert for you!

@FranklyGreenBay 10:38pm — I AM WRITING THE NEXT SHOW. Yep. It's happening. “Real Housewives of the U.P. Season 'Ate'" is being written by yours truly.

Kasey Corrado is a Social Media Director for Lawrence University by day and a member of Let Me Be Frank Productions by night. When she isn't updating Facebook or singing a 1970s classic, she enjoys running, cooking, questioning final rose picks on “The Bachelor" and planning overly extravagant trips to Disney.

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