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Theresa Caputo Live! at the Weidner April 2Theresa Caputo is best known for her work as a medium on the TLC television series, “Long Island Medium." She has authored two books on the subject, “There's More to Life Than This" and “Insight About the Other Side From The Long Island Medium."

In anticipation of her appearance at Green Bay's Weidner Center on April 2, Frankly Green Bay had an opportunity to chat with her about her uncanny gift: speaking to the dead.

The enormity of what you do, handling many different people and spirits from all walks of life, so to speak. It seems that in working the field that you do, there must be vast chasms of emotions between the living and the dead that most of us are unaware of. How are you able to process so much emotion?

Right, I think it's because I view my gift as 'this has nothing to do with me.' I'm just crazy enough to say whatever a spirit wants me to, because some of the things that I say—oh, my god—whether its funny or emotional or extremely healing, whatever it is, just allow spirits to use my physical body to allow me to feel whatever it is they need to deliver. So, I can't have personal feelings or emotions when I read.

When I'm channeling, I feel the soul of the person that has died and then they will make me feel how that person feels. At the same time, they're bringing me through their death and making me feel how they died.

It's a lot of emotion and a lot of the reason why I've suffered from anxiety for so many years, because I'm an empathic, so to feel so many things and to recognize what that feeling is — it's just a deep knowing inside my soul.

Have you ever gotten to the point where you thought, “Okay, I've had enough. I'm never doing this again?"

Actually, never. I consider what I do such an honor and a privilege. I know how much this helps people that no matter what I do with my life it will always be involving or communicating with the dead and delivering healing messages.

It seems that you are very concerned with the healing aspect of your ability to connect these two planes of existence. How did you become aware of your ability to master this, or was it something that you had to develop? Is healing your sole purpose with readings and was it something that you learned to develop?

I don't ever feel it's a burden. I feel it's both an honor and privilege and I don't know any different. I don't know how to do anything else. I was born this way.

That's what made me decide to do what I do. It took me a long time to accept my gift. It wasn't until the age of 28 that I realized that I had this unique gift. I just thought it was normal. I thought that everything that I was sensing and feeling, everyone else did, too. I am a practicing Catholic, so it took a good five years to incorporate my gift with my faith. Then I struggled with, 'Okay, now who's going to want to come see a medium?'

What I've learned from spirits is that, unfortunately, people are left with burdens and guilt. With negative emotions, the should-of, could-of, and would-ofs, these do not give people the ability to heal and they stop living life.

A spirit's message is always 'I am at peace, I live life through your eyes and spirit. I want you to embrace life with happiness and joy.' That is their motto. That's their main message, so I said to God, If I'm going to do this, I'm going to put it in Your hands; You guide me and I want to use my gift to the highest good of all concerned.

Do you have any ideas on what it is that holds spirits back from crossing over, so to speak?

You know, I've never had that; I've never had a soul say to me that they didn't transition. I don't know about anything like that. Are there souls at different levels where they have to learn more lessons? Yes. I've never channeled a soul that has said 'I'm stuck. I don't know where I am, I'm scared.' I've not had that.

That leads into my next question: Have you ever had a frightening experience during a reading?

That just happened this weekend. I was doing a large venue and there was a soul that did not do very nice things here in the physical world. His soul must have been on a level where he was learning a lesson — where his vibration would have been higher where his soul had grown — and I was able to lower myself. I think I pushed myself a little bit too much because I could feel all this tragedy in one area and I did sense some things that were extremely uncomfortable from the soul … but he wasn't going to harm me. I could feel what he had done in the past and I was immediately taken out of it … I saw like a flash and saw what it was and saw in that moment what he had done to members of his family and I was immediately — I believe — taken out of it by God.

Can you describe the voices that you hear? Are they in full voice, like we're speaking now, or do they whisper?

No, they're not. I don't hear them the way that we hear, but it's interesting. I'll be able to ask someone, 'Did your father have a raspy voice?' But I don't hear those things. I just know those things, if that makes any sense. I know that sounds so crazy. It's a deeper thing, it's a sense, it's knowing, it's a feeling, it's all these things happening at one time, yet I'm able to speak and deliver a healing message to someone. It's incredible.

Here's the interesting thing. I always said that my brain works differently; I don't know how it works. On 'Long Island Medium' this season I had a doctor, a world-renowned brain expert study my brain while it was at rest and while I was channeling. He said while I was channeling I was accessing a part of my brain that we typically don't access. He can't explain it. He doesn't know what it is, but I'm able to access a part of my brain that we typically cannot access.

I believe that we're all placed here in the physical world to do incredible things.

In anticipation of your appearance in Green Bay, what would you say to encourage someone who wants to come to your show, but might be timid or fearful?

Don't be afraid of me. If you wanna be afraid of me, be afraid of my hair and my nails! But do not be afraid of my gift. I encourage anyone who wants to come to the show to come.

Theresa Caputo Live! takes place at 7:30 p.m. on April 2 at the Weidner Center for the Performing Arts. Tickets start at $39.75 and are available through

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