Live-Tweeting UP Housewives Season ‘Ate’

kasey corrado | social cues | march 2017

The first show of 2017 is in the books for Let Me Be Frank Productions! I was so thrilled to be a part of the second edition of the “U.P. Housewives" show. I had a blast when we did the first “Housewives" show in 2015 and couldn't wait to do the “sequel" (I use that term loosely!). In a twist of events, Frank offered to let me take a stab at not only being in the show but writing it as well! During our Thursday evening performance on February 16, I also did a little behind-the-scenes live-tweeting of the show. Enjoy!

@FranklyGreenBay 8:03pm – Good evening! @KaseyRenee12 from LMBF here to live tweet our Housewives show tonight!

@FranklyGreenBay 8:04pm – I've seen the opening clip of this show quite a few times (not complaining). I'm pretty sure I can recite the entire 8-minute clip.

@FranklyGreenBay 8:05pm – Yes, I did in fact write this show. As in, I wrote the entire thing and handed Frank a completed script like a paper due in college.

@FranklyGreenBay 8:06pm Frank offered some suggestions and together we came up with the final product. It was overwhelming at first but soooo worth it.

@FranklyGreenBay 8:06pm – I have been SO grateful for the kind comments and responses from the audiences so far. Hopefully tonight's audience likes it too!!

@FranklyGreenBay 8:13pm – Just got done with Lisa's spectacular rendition of “hot stuff" – I was feeling pretty hot tonight…until I tripped over my own shoes.

@FranklyGreenBay 8:14pm – When I was writing the opening scene with David and Kelly – this is EXACTLY how I envisioned it. #nailedit

@FranklyGreenBay 8:18pm – “I love how you give an editorial with just one look" – Tom about my facial expressions. He knows me well ;-) gotta love hanging out backstage.

@FranklyGreenBay 8:23pm – Behind the curtain selfie during FREE BIRD. You have to walk slowly or else the curtain will flail too much.

@FranklyGreenBay 9:01pm – “Midnight Train to Georgia" is my FAVORITE song to sing backup vocals to in this show! It NEVER gets old! Kelly does it so well!

@FranklyGreenBay 9:02pm – During our “upside down" dance in front of the curtain I ALWAYS seem to step on Tom's feet. I hope it looks more graceful than it feels.

@FranklyGreenBay 9:03pm – The couch on stage is the bounciest couch I've ever sat on. If anyone was curious…

@FranklyGreenBay 9:03pm – View from my chair stage left.

@FranklyGreenBay 9:06pm – Frank just called out tom on stage for wearing his shirt tucked in. Haha, what?! If you can't tuck in a camo t-shirt, what can you do?

@FranklyGreenBay 9:24pm – The girl dresses are definitely modeled after the Fanta girls from those commercials. It was the first thing I thought of!

@FranklyGreenBay 9:26pm – True confession: I picked orange for me because I like orange soda the best haha I wish I had a better explanation [live tweet 4]

@FranklyGreenBay 9:40pm – Fact: I practice signing my new name when I'm writing at the telethon table. Kasey Schumacher.

@FranklyGreenBay 10:04pm – Frank tried to throw David the mic prop. David was blinded by the stage lights and got hit in the face. All in a night's work!

@FranklyGreenBay 10:37pm – And that's a wrap! A successful Thursday evening show at the Meyer! Until next time! Xoxo, Kasey.

Kasey Corrado is a Social Media Director for Lawrence University by day and a member of Let Me Be Frank Productions by night. When she isn't updating Facebook or singing a 1970s classic, she enjoys running, cooking, questioning final rose picks on “The Bachelor" and planning overly extravagant trips to Disney.

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