Musical Cheers: Fantasy Factory

Mike Hermans


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Guest reviewer name/occupation: Mike Hermans, Project Manager at BelGioioso Cheese/Publisher at Frankly Green Bay/Frank's Tribute performer/husband, father and grandpa

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George Jones “16 Greatest Hits"

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Gene Simmons

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Karben4 Fantasy Factory

Type of Beer:



6.3 percent


I normally drink Pabst Blue Ribbon, as do my wife and kids. I don't know why I chose this beer; it just popped out at me, I guess because there's a cat riding a unicorn with a pistol in its hand while the horse is breathing fire with a rainbow in the background! WTF? It must be delicious! As I twist the cap off and nearly take off some fingerprints, I realize I need a bottle opener for this one. I put the bottle to my nose and the aroma is delightful! I smells like beer! That's a plus!


I tip the bottle into my mouth and let a couple mouthfuls gurgle in, the first thing I notice is the malt sweetness with a hint of orange peel. I swallow it down and there's a slightly bitter aftertaste that I kind of like; after that I have a citrusy thing going on. What am I waiting for, let's have another swallow! Not bad, let's have another drink! Now I'm halfway through. I didn't eat lunch today so I'm starting to feel a slight buzz. I'm not seeing a fire-breathing cat riding unicorns yet but I'm feeling something. I glance at the bottle on my next drink and do a double take. The tail on the horse makes it look like there is fire coming out of its ass. I laugh to myself and continue my connoisseur-ing. As I finish the bottle I think to myself, that was pretty damn good I wish I had another! Then I realize I have a case of Pabst in the fridge outside! Life is good! But how do I slow it down?

You'll like this beer if: You like beer, kittens, unicorns or firearms.

You won't like this beer if: You dislike any of the above.




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