Live-Tweeting ‘My Twin Bridge Summer’

Kasey Corrado

kasey corrado | social cues | july 2017

Last month, the Let Me Be Frank Productions cast put on our latest all-original production, “My Twin Bridge Summer." It was the perfect show to kick off the summer! From the neon costumes, to the '80s pop tunes and the characters we were able to portray, I had a blast doing this show. On opening night (Friday June 9, 2017) I also had the opportunity to live-tweet this show.

@FranklyGreenBay 5:49 p.m. – Closing my office door, ready to head to my next “job" - @KaseyRenee12 here ready to share the inside scoop on our opening night for LMBF.

@FranklyGreenBay 6:57 p.m. – Had to practice my lyrics tonight on the drive to the Meyer. I have some wordy 80s songs in this show! Not complaining! J

@FranklyGreenBay 7:14 p.m. – During this show, Tom and I have been doing abs class before rehearsals. We just finished doing our class. Nothing like a pre show workout.

@FranklyGreenBay 7:15 p.m. – Working on our LMBF summer bods haha. Tom doesn't mess around either. It's a serious workout.

@FranklyGreenBay 8:01 p.m. – I LOVE doing 80s shows, but, I struggle the most with styling an 80s hair style with my hair. This wasn't my era, I wasn't alive.

@FranklyGreenBay 8:05 p.m. – “Where did you get your shorts?!" First thing out of Frank's mouth when he saw my costume. All from Amazon.

@FranklyGreenBay 8:06 p.m. – Zack Morris phone.

@FranklyGreenBay 8:20 p.m. – I didn't know what to do for my outfit in this show so I googled dirty dancing and modeled my entire getup after one of her outfits.

@FranklyGreenBay 8:21 p.m. – I have to carry off a metal boat motor propeller (maybe? I really don't know what it is) and it scares me every night. Thing is SHARP.

@FranklyGreenBay 8:22 p.m. – David is doing his famous David dancing in his song right now. This time, with puffy pirate shirt sleeves. Jerry Seinfeld would be proud.

@FranklyGreenBay 8:31 p.m. – Big waterskiing fans out in the audience tonight! They're getting the jokes and everything! #alwaysaplus

@FranklyGreenBay 8:34 p.m. – During “Addicted to Love" we do our guitar dance. I had to ask Dennis how to look cool w/ a guitar because it's not second nature to me!

@FranklyGreenBay 8:36 p.m. – It's kind of pathetic how excited I got that I get to keep my windbreaker in this show. Gonna sport that bad boy all over Green Bay.

@FranklyGreenBay 8:37 p.m. – Lisa is singing “Modern Girl" by Sheena Easton right now. Now THAT is a weird music video. YouTube it. Trust me.

@FranklyGreenBay 8:38 p.m. – Can you tell I'm off stage right now??? Haha. Time to tweet cuz I won't be able to in a bit.

@FranklyGreenBay 8:39 p.m. – I always say this but…my favorite thing to do off stage is watch the band play. I don't get to focus on them when I'm on stage. So good.

@FranklyGreenBay 8:23 p.m. – Backstage with the Frank man!! @FranklyGreenBay 9:19 p.m. – Spotted an LMBF alum in the audience and got nervous!! I hope she likes it!

@FranklyGreenBay 9:23 p.m. – Not many costumes changes in this show and the set changes are pretty simple. I like that kind of a night!

@FranklyGreenBay 10:00 p.m. – Singing backups for “she works hard for the money" tonight…is that song about prostitution? Asking for a friend. #waitwhat

@FranklyGreenBay 10:02 p.m. – I don't often play the villain in Franks shows. Normally I'm more of the self-deprecating character. It's taken some getting used to!

@FranklyGreenBay 10:03 p.m. – “Do you get lonely by yourself on your platform?" – me asking Tony about his station in this show. He said no & looked at me like I'm crazy

@FranklyGreenBay 10:04 p.m. – I love it, but it's a tad nerve wracking having the last song of the show. Big shoes to fill as the final number the audience will remember.

@FranklyGreenBay 10:38 p.m. – And that's a wrap! Great opening night!! Ahhh this is gonna be a good show!

Kasey Corrado is a Social Media Director for Lawrence University by day and a member of Let Me Be Frank Productions by night. When she isn't updating Facebook or singing a 1970s classic, she enjoys running, cooking, questioning final rose picks on “The Bachelor" and planning overly extravagant trips to Disney.

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