Live-Tweeting 'Getting Pickled in Oconto “Bond Style'”

Kasey Corrado

kasey corrado | social cues | aug. 2017

It seems like I was just live-tweeting our “My Twin Bridge Summer" show in June! Time flies when you're having fun, right? And here we are, already into another production for LMBF! On Friday, July 14th I had the opportunity to live-tweet “Getting Pickled in Oconto 'Bond Style'" for our opening night performance. For the next show (Frank's Washington Island, September 22-October 14) I will not be live-tweeting as a performer. I'm taking the show off because I'm getting married! Lisa Borley will also be taking the show off to have her second bundle of joy — so the cast will look a tad different. I promise you'll love it though! We're excited to have a few additions to the cast while Lisa has a baby and I change my name to Mrs. Schumacher ;-)

@FranklyGreenBay 7:24 p.m. — Beautiful night to come out and see a show! @KaseyRenee12 here to share opening night of LMBF's newest show — Getting Pickled Bond Style

@FranklyGreenBay 7:30 p.m. — They're playing 50s/60s music over the intercom — TWO songs in a row came on that I've sang in LMBF shows before

@FranklyGreenBay 7:31 p.m. — One of them was in a 60s medley. I'm not sure if we've done a medley of songs this season yet. Hmmm. I LOVE when we do medleys.

@FranklyGreenBay 7:50 p.m. — Got a package delivered to our dressing room last night — it was a wedding gift for me from a Franks fan. How sweet was that?!

@FranklyGreenBay 8:04 p.m. — Sometimes it seems the ½ hour between when we get to the Meyer & when we start a show goes so quickly. Tonight is not 1 of those nights

@FranklyGreenBay 8:04 p.m. — I was all set to wear my show t-shirt tonight (which you can get!) but I made spaghetti for dinner and accidentally got sauce ALL. OVER. IT.

@FranklyGreenBay 8:05 p.m. — So all those scenes where I “act" all clumsy and awkward….not always acting.

[live tweet photo 1]@FranklyGreenBay 8:13 p.m. — Opening night mirror selfie ;-)

@FranklyGreenBay 8:16 p.m. — Googling my first song lyrics….because you can never be too prepared haha. #channelingnancysinatra

@FranklyGreenBay 8:17 p.m. — The two newbies in this show (Blake and Millie) have been so fun to work with this summer — and talented too! Happy to have them here

@FranklyGreenBay 8:39 p.m. — The dance moves to “Monkey See Monkey Do" change every single night — on purpose. #funfact

@FranklyGreenBay 8:39 p.m. — Also — white go go boots may be cute…but they're NOT easy to dance in

@FranklyGreenBay 8:42 p.m. — My dress is NOT a costume at all. Just a regular dress that happens to have a 60s vibe. I got it from

@FranklyGreenBay 8:59 p.m. — It is actually pickle juice in our glasses?? Hate to break it to you —but it's just diet Mountain Dew. Oh the power of props ;-)

[live tweet photo 2]@FranklyGreenBay 9:01 p.m. — These. Chairs. Are. To. Die. For. (Also nice photo bomb, Blake)

@FranklyGreenBay 9:11 p.m.— A lot of Oconto folks out there tonight! It's always nice to hear them laugh at the right parts haha

@FranklyGreenBay 10:13 p.m. — I'm on stage pretty much the entire second act so not much time to tweet. Second act went well — only a few minor opening night hiccups.

@FranklyGreenBay 10:15 p.m.— We were filming tonight too, which is always a little added stress! Whew! Outta the way.

@FranklyGreenBay 10:21 p.m. — I always have this fear I'm gonna come downstairs after saying hi to everyone and have lipstick on my teeth. It's the little things, right?

Kasey Corrado is a Social Media Director for Lawrence University by day and a member of Let Me Be Frank Productions by night. When she isn't updating Facebook or singing a 1970s classic, she enjoys running, cooking, questioning final rose picks on “The Bachelor" and planning

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