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Terry Charles

terry charles | behind the stage | nov. 2017

Many things make our company, PMI Entertainment Group, unique. The fact that we pay Brown County more than $300,000 per year right now to manage the Resch Center Complex is rare in this industry. The county puts that money into a fund to pay for future capital improvements at the complex. For most management companies it is the other way around. They get paid to manage facilities. The operating expenses almost always are paid by the municipality or corporation that owns the facility. PMI does it one better and pays all operating costs in addition to paying the annual fee to the county.

Our company does it because it is a community-run organization with a local board of directors and no owner. We're a non-stock, for-profit company. Any profits generated go back into the venues we manage or to the community we live in. I would venture to say no other venue management company in the country does what we do for the reasons we do it.

Since our company takes on all of the operating risk and pays the annual fee to the county we have to be creative with ways to make money. The finances would come up short if we simply booked and rented the facility to outside promoters. Thus our company purchased the Green Bay Gamblers hockey team more than ten years ago and we produce many of our own shows for Shopko Hall and the Brown County Arena.

PMI Entertainment Group has an expo and event production team that develops and produces shows like The Wedding Show, Shopko Sweet Street, Northeast Wisconsin Craft Beer Festival, Everybody's Rummage Sale, The Senior Expo, WBAY RV & Camping Expo, WBAY Home & Garden Show, WBAY Boat Show and WBAY Pet Expo. The expo folks also produce the Nicolet Bank Tall Ship Festival when it comes to town every three years.

Once a new expo center is built in a few years hopefully, many of those events will get bigger. We'll also go after more events that are currently too big for the complex we have. The Green Bay Packers have an interest in bringing the NFL Draft to Green Bay in four or more years and a new expo center would be crucial in those efforts.

Once the expo and event production team develops a new show or continues with a current show, the rest of the PMI staff gets involved too. The expo team attracts the vendors and sponsors, but then the marketing department develops a plan to market the shows. The box office team sells the tickets and the operations department plans the set-up and take-down of the shows. We can't forget the food & beverage department that plans what food what will be available for the attendees.

The bottom line is all of these shows have to happen in order for our company to make enough money to operate and maintain the Resch Center Complex. When someone asks me where the money goes from Sweet Street or the Craft Beer Festival I tell them it goes right back into the complex to keep it running and to keep a variety of entertainment options available to everyone in Northeastern Wisconsin. Really, no one else does all the things we do.

Terry Charles is public relations manager for Green Bay-based PMI Entertainment Group. He's all about media relations, publicity and social media for the Resch Center Complex, Meyer Theatre, Green Bay Gamblers Hockey and other events produced by PMI. When not at work, please don't hit him with your car as he runs and bikes around the Green Bay area. You can follow him on Twitter at @TCCharles.

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