Musical Cheers: New Glarus Belgian Red

John Egan

In the spirit of beer being the beverage of the everyday man (and woman), we present Musical Cheers, a column that puts real beer in the hands of real people. Musical Cheers is guest authored by a revolving selection of friends and columnists with tastes as varied as the beers they review.


Guest reviewer name/occupation: John Egan — Comedian based in De Pere, Wis./Brewery Tour Guide at Titletown Brewing

Currently listening to: A R I Z O N A and The 1975

Favorite film: “Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice." I'm kidding. It's “The Dark Knight." No one likes BvS.

Favorite Tonight Show Host: Conan. I'm still bitter.

Preferred Blue Collar Brews: Miller Lite. That's it.

Preferred White Collar Brews: Titletown Green 19 IPA, Shiner Holiday Cheer, Hinterland Cherry Wheat, Badger State's On Wisconsin, Fox River Brewing Blu Bobber


Name of beer reviewing: New Glarus Wisconsin Belgian Red

Type of beer: Cherry Ale

ABV: 4.0 percent


If this beer seems familiar, it's because it used to be sold in bigger wine-type bottles. This was the first time I saw it in a 12-ounce bottle. To be honest, the packaging is gorgeous and appealing which made me grab it. The beer is called Belgian Red, but when you read the description, they talk a lot about the cherries in it and how it is made. The color is very red, so points to New Glarus for nailing the color in the name.


It's a very sweet beer and would definitely be perfect in summer to have a few outside and take your time. They say on their website it is a combo of a beer and wine and I would say that is pretty accurate. This is not a beer to drink fast and definitely one where you should take your time and enjoy. I will say though that even though it's not summer, it was a great afternoon beer to enjoy while trying to pretend about the NFL playoffs when the Packers aren't in it. I am glad they now bottle this in 12-ounce bottles, because it's a little weird to bring a giant bottle of something to a family or friend's house/party and be like “Naw, this is all for me."

You'll like this beer if: you like sweeter beers or want to be reminded of summer. Which is what I want every day. To remember people outside doing things or actually happy. Why do any of us live here? Also please stay living here and come to my shows.

You'll dislike this beer if: you don't like sweeter or thicker-type beers. You might also dislike this if you live out of state, because New Glarus won't sell you this so ha ha to you.

Rating: 7.5/10

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