25 Things: Let Me Be Frank's 'Something Stinks'

Kasey Schumacher

kasey schumacher | social cues | may 2018

During the first LMBF show of the year, I decided to do something different and instead of live-tweeting a performance of our show, I shared some fun facts that most of the audience doesn't know! It went so well I decided to do it again for the next show in our 2018 season. Without further ado, here are 25 things you probably didn't know about “Something Stinks in Kaukauna":

25. The most difficult words for the cast to pronounce correctly from the script were Morticia and hodag.

24. Tom's lines as Scooby Dude were written phonetically in the script, so they didn't make sense just by looking at them, you had to read them out loud to hear what was intended.

23. The Mystery Machine van was completely homemade. Our set designer did an amazing job recreating the vehicle!

22. The Mystery Machine was 1 1/4 inch thick foam that we put on wheels and painted.

21. Once again, the ladies of LMBF were tasked with choreographing the dance numbers in this show.

20. Lisa choreographed “Superstition."

19. I did the dance moves for “I Feel the Earth Move."

18. Amy had “I Was Made to Love Him"

17. The Addams Family absolutely terrified me as a child so it's ironic I'm the one who ended up playing Wednesday Addams.

16. Scooby-Doo also freaked me out as a child (yes … even though it was a cartoon) and I don't think I've ever seen a complete episode. Clearly I had a lot of fears as a child.

15. I had never heard “That Smell" by Lynyrd Skynyrd before we started this show. Since rehearsals began, I've probably heard the song five times on the radio.

14. The day before our dress rehearsal, there was a Queen tribute concert at the Meyer Theatre. The entire cast and band went to it and it was unbelievably amazing! What a talented group!

13. The t-shirts we sell with the show's title on it were deliberately designed to showcase Kaukauna school colors.

12. Jack Janowicz was still in California while we were rehearsing this show, so he learned all of his parts, lines and choreography across the country! When we came together near the opening of our show, he quickly stepped in like the pro he is and it all worked out.

11. Adam's drums are what control the special noise effects. Adam's got the power!

10. Lisa's glasses are not real and we actually popped the plastic lenses out of them so they wouldn't reflect any light back at the audience.

9. Many pieces of our costumes were purchased from Amazon. Lisa's entire outfit was a product of Amazon! Same with me!

8. We sold Scooby Snacks (aka cookies from Great Harvest Bread Co. shaped like dog treats) during our show. All proceeds benefited our CP fundraiser. Michael O'Malley works at Great Harvest and came up with the idea and execution himself.

7. There's a part in the first act where I wasn't on stage for a good four or five songs and scenes, but I still sang backup vocals on the songs. So guess what I would do? I'd stretch backstage. A pregnant Wednesday Addams doing leg stretches backstage – not exactly what I think people would assume!

6. The white picket fence was not just a prop made to look like a fence — it was an actual white picket fence that you might install at your house. And holy cow was that thing heavy!

5. This was the first show I had to mentally prep and tell myself, “Ok Kasey, you're not allowed to smile for the next two hours." JNot smiling for that long was difficult for me!

4. I made my character stare so much (creepy eyes, eh?) that I had to bring eye drops to the show. My eyes would dry out from keeping them that wide and open all the time. My contacts started to feel like they were peeling off my eyeballs. All for the love of live theater, right!

3. We mentioned how good Jack Janowicz smells in the show, but that's actually been an inside joke with the cast since Jack was in LMBF back in 2012! He always smells good!

2. For their “costume" the band wore matching green Scooby Doo shirts that feature the Mystery Machine, Shaggy and Scooby. And in case you couldn't see, the shirt said, “What happens in the van stays in the van!!!" on them.

1. Michael's hilarious Mick Jagger impression only came to be about a day or two before we opened the show. Pat kind of mentioned in passing that it would be funny if he did some Jagger moves and BAM! The next day Michael came prepared and had his whole routine down.

Kasey Schumacher is the marketing director for Let Me Be Frank Productions by day and a performer for the troupe by night. When she isn't updating Facebook or singing a 1970s classic, she enjoys running, cooking, questioning final rose picks on 'The Bachelor" and planning overly extravagant trips to Disney.

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