Top 10 Best Things about Being a Dad

frank r. hermans | top 10 | june 2018

I am blessed with eight wonderful children; my oldest, Josh, is RD Director for Brady Corp and is 29, Amy's oldest is Darien, 24; my second oldest is Austin, 22, Maintenance at Belgioioso Cheese; my third oldest is Blake, 18, performer with LMBF and NWTC student; Katrina Hermans, 17, student at Oconto Falls High School. Amy and I were married eight years ago and started a second family with our children; Harrison, 7; Jack, 4; and miracle baby Vivian, 2. I've loved every minute of it and wouldn't change a thing except diapers. Here's my salute to being a Dad and all the joys my children have given me. Happy Father's Day, Dads!

No. 10 Fetch. The first moment you ask a little one to get the remote for you and they do it! Usually happens around 1 1/2 and then they will fetch anything within their reach for you till about 3, cause they think it's cool. It took Blake till he was 16.

No. 9 Floating Away. When they would finally venture out alone on their floaties alone in the pool without Mom or Dad. That is such a huge point of independence in the pool. Austin (22) still likes to be held in the water, grow up!

No. 8 Yard Work. My heart always skipped a beat the first time they pushed their toy lawnmower along with Dad and we would try and catch the bubbles out of their toy mower. When my older ones turned into teenagers I never saw them again when I mowed the lawn.

No. 7 Zero Filter. All my kids have the knack for conversation and the uncanny ability to be the loudest people in the room. My favorites are random thoughts while in line at any store or in a drive through. Anything from “Wow that person is really old" to “Dad, did you just fart?" There is alwayscomedy in this family.

No. 6 Coaching Moments. I had the honor of coaching my older boys in football and basketball. While coaching YMCA, 7-year-old basketball, my hope was Austin would someday make a basket. Well, he did … for the other team, it was awesome! Another time in football I yelled at him during an 8thgrade game to “take the guy out" didn't sit well with other parents. Remember, Dad's shut your mouth once in a while. Lesson learned.

No. 5 Game Moments. In a 6thgrade football game, my Blake had seven sacks; my thoughts were he'd be the next Clay Matthews. It was his last season after getting his third concussion falling off his bike. Last year in tee ball, my Harrison (oblivious to the game) stuck out his glove and caught a pop fly: first catch ever! I nearly cried.

No. 4 Sayings. All my kids have come up with their own vernacular over the years. Austin would say “I like pie" after everything. Blake for some reason would yell a made-up word “Sookatoot." Harrison has a whole monologue on “Your momma jokes." Jack is by far the best at made-up sayings, here's his top three: Grandma I'm cold I need coffee. When does Santa Closet come? Harrison is sassy I don't know why Mom and Dad bought him. Vivain calls me Duhhy, kinda like Duh hey?

No. 3 Family Trips. My wife Amy and I decided when we had kids that they would all come on vacation with us. My first question was, do I get another job? We road trip America with our children with our seven-seater SUV. We've been to Ariz., Wash., Nev., Mont., Ore., Neb., Utah, Mo., Ariz., Calif., Ind., N.D., Ill., Ind., Ohio, Minn., Pa., Iowa. We love history and just talking in the car. We try and limit our driving to five to six hours a day and hit historical spots, maybe you've seen our jaunts with “The History Bluff."

No. 2 Christmas. Christmas at the Hermans house is nuts. My wife plans all year on gifts and is phenomenal at it. The older ones get harder to buy for and actually would just like the cash. The look on their faces is priceless and me in my underwear is quite a sight on Xmas morning.

No. 1 Hail to the King. Best thing about being a dad is I'm still the King and they are all my servants. Really, mom is King and queen, the kids are princes and princess and I'm stuck in serfdom and loving every minute of this thing called life. I just love my family and cherish every day.

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