Musical Cheers: Johnny Blood Red

Katie Green

In the spirit of beer being the beverage of the everyday man (and woman), we present Musical Cheers, a column that puts real beer in the hands of real people. Musical Cheers is guest authored by a revolving selection of friends and columnists with tastes as varied as the beers they review.


Guest reviewer name/occupation: Katie Green, Executive Director Ashwaubenon Performing Arts Center

Currently listening to: Hall & Oates

Currently reading: “The Last Days of Night"

Favorite Broadway show: While “Hamilton" is at the forefront of my mind, as it is for many, two other favorites include “Something Rotten" and “The Play That Goes Wrong." Both are clever and hilarious!

Preferred Blue Collar Brews: Coors Light, Pacifico

Preferred White Collar Brews: Spotted Cow, Blue Moon


Name of beer reviewing: Johnny Blood Red by Titletown Brewing Co.

Type of beer: Irish Style Red Ale

ABV: 5.0


The packaging of this beer is classic, handsome and to the point. No mysterious artwork or inventive text to decipher. This is a red ale, and there's no mistaking that by its blood-red label color and clear type font. When seeking out this bottle in the cooler, you instinctively know what you're looking for. I like that.

This ale possesses a medium-dark caramel amber color and offers a pleasing, lightly dense foam collar on the pour. The aroma in the glass is warm and welcoming, and far better than trying to simply sniff the top of the bottle upon opening.


I found this ale to be refreshing and not heavy like some other reds I've had. The ale is medium-bodied and highly drinkable either on its own or with a meal, though in my sampling I enjoyed the beverage on its own while relaxing outdoors. I especially liked that there was no bitter aftertaste.

You'll like this beer if: you enjoy red ales, like to try new things and support your local breweries!

You'll dislike this beer if: light beers are the only brews you've ever tried and dislike the idea of drinking anything heavier.

Rating 1 – 10: 9.5

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