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Kasey Schumacher

kasey schumacher | social cues | july 2018

Another Let Me Be Frank Productions show means another opportunity to share some behind-the-scenes facts. Enjoy 25 things you may not have known about “Franksmoke" – the third show of our 2018 season!

25. The half barrel of beer I carried on stage was actually extremely light. There was zero strain or discomfort carrying that thing every night!

24. The arcade games that were a part of the “Franksmoke" may look familiar. We used these during the “My Twin Bridge Summer" show we did during June of last year! They're one of my favorite set pieces we've ever had on our stage.

23. We usually do 20 songs per show. This show featured only 17 songs.

22. The reason for only having 17 songs instead of 20 songs is that we usually cut parts of each song and rarely do a full-length version. We'll cut out a verse or a chorus so that the song doesn't drag on and on. However, with country tunes, they're often told in a story format so it's difficult to cut something while maintaining the meaning of the song. We didn't abridge these songs too much and most of them were their entire length!

21. We made mention of the band “Gerry Cain and Friends" in the show. That's an actual band (and quite well known!) and Gerry Cain is Adam Cain's dad (our extremely talented drummer!).

20. In order to remember all of the “can I give you some advice?" lines I had, I made flashcards of each piece of advice and quizzed myself in order to help me remember which one came at what time during the show.

19. This may be one of the only times we've done a song that was still being played on current radio! Frank's version of “I'll Name the Dogs" is still being played on current country radio.

18. My favorite part of the entire show was right at the beginning when the audience would sing, “Friends in Low Places" with us. I LOVE the sing-a-longs!

17. Michael memorized the words to “She Got the Goldmine" surprisingly fast. I have no idea how he did it so well, but we were only a few rehearsals in and he was rattling off the whole thing like it was nothing.

16. The word “oche"– which is actually a dart term – was the most difficult word to initially pronounce. It's pronounced ahh-key.

15. I choreographed Blake's song, “Days Go By" in this show.

14. Amy choreographed our line dance (“I'll Name the Dogs") that closed the show.

13. Lisa took on, “She Got the Goldmine" for her assigned dance.

12. Adam is the only cast member who was actually from one of the rivalry cities in our show. He's a Menominee alum!

11. I'm a sucker for the songs that really emphasize the harmonies of Lisa, Amy and myself. Lisa's “White Liar" was one of my favorites because we had some strong 3-part girl harmony for almost the entire song.

10. Similarly, Amy's version of “Cowboy Casanova" was one of the songs I looked forward to the most each night — it was just a great tune all around!

9. The backdrop we rented for this show is often used for productions of the musical, “Guys and Dolls" — a classic.

8. This was a particularly loud show for me because I stood behind the bar for most of the show, which meant I was right next to the drums and keys. It was a nice change to be that close to the band!

7. I always had a good view of the dart machine off stage. The dart teams actually did throw darts at a real dart board. I have to be honest, none of them were particularly good at it! It was pretty dark back there, though!

6. We went through a few pairs of Frank's prop glasses in this show! I think the first pair somehow broke the very first night we used them!

5. The dart throwing sound effect was controlled by Adam's drum kit.

4. Menominee lent us some apparel for the show! Pat's jersey was kindly shared with us for the run of the show.

3. This was the first show in a long time that had zero cast members in wigs.

2. The bar set piece had to be weighted down with heavy plates to keep it in place.

1. One of our dressing rooms has a refrigerator in it. We did in fact have cold beers to put on the countertop of the bar during every performance.

Kasey Schumacher is the marketing director for Let Me Be Frank Productions by day and a performer for the troupe by night. When she isn't updating Facebook or singing a 1970s classic, she enjoys running, cooking, questioning final rose picks on 'The Bachelor" and planning overly extravagant trips to Disney.

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