Cirque du Soleil Is a Treat

Terry Charles

terry charles | behind the stage | sept. 2018

A lot of shows have come and gone in my nearly two decades at PMI Entertainment Group and the Resch Center. Many have been a lot of fun to work on and many are as much fun to see when the day actually arrives for the performance. Cirque du Soleil neatly and precisely falls into that category for me. The shows are fun to work on and see because the talent is amazing and the shows are spectacular. Cirque du Soleil is returning to the Resch Center October 11-14 with its newest arena creation called “Crystal."

For me the “work" comes well before the show gets here. In my role of senior corporate communications manager, I help the show get publicity so fans know the show is coming and what they can expect to see in the performance. You'd be surprised how hard it is sometimes to arrange interviews or other publicity functions for some shows or events.

The PR team at Cirque du Soleil is second to none. They are in the bucket of touring shows that I like to say “gets it." All shows and tours want advance publicity and are usually willing to do interviews, but few are as organized and dedicated as these guys. Feld Entertainment, which brings Monster Jam and Disney On Ice to the Resch Center, also fits in that category.

I have worked on four different Cirque du Soleil shows at the Resch Center, and each was uniquely different. What was the same though was the dedication of each tour to make sure their message got out about what made their particular show special. If you know Cirque, you know that there is usually a storyline behind the acrobatics, contortionists and other fun things these shows throw at you.

In this production, Cirque du Soleil is throwing ice at us! Well, we're actually the ones installing the ice, but it's the first time in the company's 34-year history that it will do a show on ice. Cirque says this show “will push the boundaries of performance by combining stunning skating and acrobatic feats that defy the imagination." The show will have synchronized skating, freestyle, and extreme skating along with what you'd expect from Cirque – swinging trapeze, aerial traps and hand to hand.

As I mentioned before there are usually storylines behind these shows. When I first heard the show name I figured “Crystal" had something to do with the ice. But rather “Crystal" is the name of the lead female character and her tale of self-discovery. This is the 42nd original production by Cirque.

We announced the show back in April and it has been selling very well. Certainly, with six shows over four days, there should be ample opportunity for fans to find a time that works. I have been in contact with the PR team during the past few months and, as always, they are ready to help. They are one of the best tours to make their talent available to the media while the show is in town. I think that helps people get a taste of what the show has to offer. Perhaps you've seen a Cirque show in Vegas, but if not, the Resch Center will be a great opportunity to see it in your backyard.

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