Top 10 Halloween Costumes in the Let Me Be Frank Closet

Frank R. Hermans

frank r. hermans | top 10 costumes | oct. 2018

Over the past 20 years we have accumulated everything and anything as far as costumes and set pieces go. Our patrons have been so generous and have donated items of days gone by and creativity gone astray. Our costume designers, Linda Groskopf and Bev Riemer, have made numerous outrageous and beautiful costumes over the years, and the invention of Amazon Prime has our racks filled. Here are the top 10 costumes in our vault.

No. 10 Lady Viking – Donated by a former theatre troupe it comes with wooden shoes, Viking shield, and Horn helmet with blonde wig. I wore this on Halloween 2007 and I was striking, literally striking everyone with my battleaxe and claiming their territory for Thor (inside joke).

No. 9 Gorilla suit Smells like one, too! I haven't had the opportunity to put this heat-stroke-of-a-costume on but it looks cool.

No. 8 The twelve-headed-mink stole – This has the heads on it, too! Kind of reminds me of a mink Medusa. The daughter of the former owner donated this. I used it in our show “Duck Creek Dynasty" as a prop.

No. 7 Eight Elvis suits – Ranging from Madison Square Garden baby blue to the Conquistador. If you're an Elvis freak you know what this means. I've worn them all many times and most could walk by themselves. Big shout out to Linda Groskopf who has made them all.

No. 6 The ladies sailor outfit – Yowza!! My wife wore this in our show “The Love Boat." I ask her to wear it once in a while and I get the “are you nuts" face.

No. 5 Vegas showgirls – These were made by the ladies who did the costuming for Summer Music Theatre at St. Norbert. Best $800 I ever spent, these costumes are the real deal and would stand up to any showgirl costume on the strip.

No. 4 1950's basketball shorts – Love to pull these out once in a while and show off my athletic frame. When shorts were short and the men who wore them had dad bodies.

No. 3 1970's stretchy tiger print blue jumpsuits – Bev Riemer (Amy's mom) made 10 of these for the whole cast and band. $800 in materials and more bulges than a potato sack. The show was “Frankstock" and we still have them all!

No. 2 U.P. designer dresses – All made by Bev Riemer, all dresses are very formal and have a camo theme to them. Elegant yet practical for the hunt.

No. 1 Superman suit – Amy ordered this on Amazon along with the boots and voila! I turned into George Reeves. You remember George, right? The 50-something dude who played Superman and had the body that never saw a dumbbell except in a store. I wore it on Halloween at Disneyland and people were asking me to take pictures with them cause I looked so much like the out of shape Superman of the '50s. Nooice!

I hope you enjoyed this fun little ditty. My friends come and raid my closets on Halloween and I haven't seen a few in a while (mostly friends, ha ha). But that's what friends are for. Remember, giving is our responsibility and I just gave you a whole lot of nothing.

But if you need a costume, remember Amazon!

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