Social Media: Ten Years Later

Kasey Schumacher

kasey schumacher | social cues | nov. 2018

I recently saw a photo of what a Facebook newsfeed looked like 10 years ago during the 2008 presidential election. It blew my mind. The page looked foreign to me even though I was very present on Facebook at the time. I was a senior in high school in 2008 and spent a decent amount of time exploring social media platforms (thankfully all those hours spent exploring ended up working out for me). How we interacted on social media was quite different a decade ago. I started thinking about what has changed in the past 10 years.

2008: Come home from school, log on to Facebook on an actual desktop computer (complete with a mouse) and look at any notifications.

2018: Mobile all the way. Open up your phone's social media apps anywhere. Notifications pop up instantaneously in the palm of your hand.

2008: Need to pass time in a waiting room? Grab a magazine.

2018: Open Facebook on your phone. Or Snapchat. Or Twitter. Or Pinterest. Or Instagram. You get the point.

2008: Wanna make a dish to pass for a party? Open up mom's old cookbook with worn pages and sugar stains.

2018: Get intrigued by the Tasty recipe that popped up on your newsfeed.

2008: Use your fancy three-megapixel digital camera to take a selfie (backward) and get a new profile picture. Upload picture from the camera to the computer, then upload the picture to MySpace. Yes, MySpace.

2018: Use phone, take a selfie, filter photo, upload directly to Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/etc. Repeat whenever you want a new picture.

2008: Meticulously choose MySpace Top 8 friends. It was a big deal when someone got demoted. Or promoted. The struggle was real.

2018: Without Facebook, I wouldn't know half of my friends' birthdays. Sad, but true.

2008: Spend quite a while determining the perfect status to post with some vague song lyrics, thinking I was being so coy and discreet.

2018: Share Jimmy Fallon clips.

2008: It was pretty much my peers that had Facebook.

2018: My grandma has Facebook.

2008: Share an album with 157 low-quality photos (again, taken with the digital camera) entitled ~*~JuNioRs09PrOM~*~

2018: Hold back from sharing pictures of my child every single day.

2008: “Did you see that new commercial?"

2018: “Did you see that video on Facebook?"

2008: Social media is filled with posts from friends and family.

2018: Social media is filled with posts from news outlets and sponsored advertisements.

2008: Never heard of a hashtag

2018: #everythingcanbeahashtag

2008: When is a store open? Call them and ask for their business hours or go on their website.

2018: Check the hours portion of their Facebook page.

2008: One profile picture to rule them all.

2018: Cover photos! Cover videos! Temporary profile pictures! Profile pictures with branded filters!

2008: Have full-blown, back-and-forth conversations with each other on Facebook walls.

2018: Mostly post to someone's wall only when it's their birthday.

2008: Can't tag someone in a post or comment.

2018: Tags on tags on tags.

2008: Twitter had a 140-character limit.

2018: We're up to 280 characters!

2008: Why would you want a video clip or image that disappears in 10 seconds?

2018: Snapchatting all day, every day.

2008: Remember “poking" on Facebook?

2018: That just seems bizarre now.

2008: Watch a football game.

2018: Watch a football game while simultaneously looking at every tweet pertaining to the game with hilarious and/or analytical commentary.

2008: Social media usage was still pretty centralized to the US.

2018: Social media dominates global communication.

2008: Had a bad experience at a restaurant? Tell your friends about it. If you're really up for it, write a letter or email to the business.

2018: Write a review on social media. Now the entire world has access to your experience.

Kasey Schumacher is the marketing director for Let Me Be Frank Productions by day and a performer for the troupe by night. When she isn't updating Facebook or singing a 1970s classic, she enjoys running, cooking, questioning final rose picks on 'The Bachelor" and planning overly extravagant trips to Disney.

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