Meet the Artist: Matt Kazik

the artist studio | march 2019

In what mediums do you work?

Currently I am mainly working in photography as well as pencil and ink sketching. I am not one that likes to be pigeonholed or predictable so I have also been trying my hand with painting as well a number of other mediums. I just want to keep pushing my limits with everything I do.

When were you first interested in art and at what time did you know it would be a part of your life?

I have been interested in creating art for as long as I can remember. I always knew or felt it would always be a part of my life in one form or another. Very early on I had a pencil in my hand and would spend hours alone sketching. I am an extremely introverted person so as a child it was a way for me to express myself, who I was, and how I was feeling. As I grew older I drifted away from creating and I struggled to just get by day to day. It wasn't until after going through a very difficult period of my life that I sort of rediscovered my love for creating art. It once again helped me express myself as well as act as a type of therapy to allow me to deal with the demons that I struggle with.

From where do you draw inspiration and/or what other artists have had the greatest impact on your work?

My inspiration comes from my surroundings. I see real life from a different perspective, with the veil of perception lifted and what life actually is in all its pain, its beauty, its despair, as well as its hope and faith. I've learned over the years that things should not always be taken at face value or the perception they project. That behind all that there is much more depth and a larger story the deeper you look into the layers. People, and things, have a deeper story than they portray and that is what interests and inspires me. To find that story and bring it to the forefront.

If there is something you'd like to say with your work or a message you'd like people to walk away with, what would it be?

I want people to have a reaction. I want people to look at what I do and feel something whether that's sorrow, happiness, inspiration, like or dislike. I think apathy is such a dangerous thing and in today's world, people are more apathetic than ever before. People need to feel and have some kind of reaction to what they see and experience and if what I do can bring that out, even for just a brief moment in time, then my work is accomplishing what it is intended to do.

How much of a role has living in Northeastern Wisconsin played in your work and where can your work be viewed?

It has had a huge impact. I am born and raised here so Northeast Wisconsin is who I am to my core. It has shaped how I approach my craft as well as influenced much of my work. The values of this area are ones that I hold dear. I firmly believe your surroundings shape who are and how you see and approach everyday life.

My work can be viewed on my website (, Facebook ( and Instagram (@se7en_spades_photo). I will also be at Artigras 2019 at the KI Convention Center March 9th and 10th and have a solo art exhibition at Artless Bastard Gallery in De Pere on March 15th.

If you have a favorite quote or words of advice for aspiring artists what would they be?

If I had any advice or “Words of Wisdom” to impart to anyone it would be: Be absolutely fearless, be genuine, and stay true to who are and what you feel.

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