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Terry Charles

terry charles | behind the stage | april 2019

Our company, PMI Entertainment Group, does a lot of things. We are unique in the entertainment industry in that we provide all services at the Brown County Veterans Memorial Complex and Meyer Theatre and we produce several of our own shows. With that being the case, we need a lot of employees to make this operation tick.

Currently PMI has nearly 70 full-time employees and anywhere from 400-500 part-time employees who work in the venues we manage. Many of the part-timers have been here for more than 10 years, a good portion over 20 years, some more than 30 years and even a few working for us more than 40 years! There is, however, a decent number in those 400-500 that turn over every few years. That means we are basically always hiring for something.

Many of our part-timers are retired folks who are looking to do something to keep busy and pick up a few extra bucks. Others are college students wanting to earn extra money and still others have full-time jobs and come to work here at night or on weekends because they love being part of the entertainment scene.

Part-time jobs are in guest services like ushers, ticket scanners and suite attendants. We have part-time jobs in food & beverage, like concession workers or cooks. We also hire custodial workers, conversion crew, ticket sellers, car parkers, security personnel and merchandise sellers. Our nearly 70 full-time workers are in finance, HR, I-T, marketing, maintenance, operations, Ticket Star, Green Bay Gamblers (we own the team), Meyer Theatre, guest services, food & beverage, sales, booking and event production.

In addition to hiring staff for the venues we manage, we are also contracted with the Green Bay Packers to provide game day staff. We hire nearly 200 part-time ushers and car parkers. For the most part, these staffers are asked to work all the games. They would also be needed for special events like the Paul McCartney concert in June.

Not done yet. We also contract with non-profit organizations to work in our concession stands at the Resch Center as well as perform duties at Lambeau Field. At the stadium, the groups scan tickets, clean after and during the game, rent portable seats and pick up the seats after the game. In all these cases, the non-profit groups volunteer their time for their group, but the organization gets funds in return.

As you can see, we recruit a lot of workers every year. For the Resch Center, Shopko Hall and Brown County Veterans Memorial Arena, the same staff is used in all of our buildings and some cross over to the Meyer Theatre too. Supervisors send a monthly list to the part time staff of the events we have scheduled. Our employees then select the events they wish to work. Once everyone responds or by a certain date, the supervisors send out who will be working what events. So, it's very flexible. If you want to help us spread fun and entertainment, you can always search our available jobs at

Terry Charles is public relations manager for Green Bay-based PMI Entertainment Group. He's all about media relations, publicity and social media for the Resch Center Complex, Meyer Theatre, Green Bay Gamblers Hockey and other events produced by PMI. When not at work, please don't hit him with your car as he runs and bikes around the Green Bay area. You can follow him on Twitter at @TCCharles.

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