Musical Cheers: Doom Bar

Glenn Criddle

In the spirit of beer being the beverage of the everyday man (and woman), we present Musical Cheers, a column that puts real beer in the hands of real people. Musical Cheers is guest authored by a revolving selection of friends and columnists with tastes as varied as the beers they review.


Guest reviewer name/occupation: Glenn Criddle, Live Entertainments Technician/Cult Film Reviewer

Currently listening to: The Heavy, “Great Vengeance and Furious Fire”

Currently reading: “Chernobyl: History of a Tragedy”

Currently Reviewing: “Tron' and “Tron:Legacy”

Least favorite film director: Michael Bay

Preferred Blue Collar Brews: Bank's Original Mild

Preferred White Collar Brews: Most of the 'Kentish' Ales


Name of beer reviewing: Sharp's Doom Bar

Type of beer: Amber Ale

ABV: 4.3 percent


A simple though stylish looking bottle of beer with a reassuring shade of amber ale in there. It looks like a good quality, reliable drink and nothing too challenging.


Doom Bar is a delicately flavored ale that starts with a gentle malt flavor with a little fruitiness, which gives way to a very pleasant, slightly lingering bitterness. It's a very nicely leveled range of flavor that rivals a good lager for refreshment, making it a particularly great beer for the summer or while enjoying a good meal. It's light, easy going and definitely asking you to go back for another.

You'll like this beer if: You like a lighter ale with a less complex taste. If you want a simple, refreshing ale then this should suit you perfectly. It's a good session beer and great for hot summer days.

You'll dislike this beer if: You want a more characteristic flavor. Doom Bar isn't bland or in any way inferior but it is a little unremarkable by some standards. Its easygoing nature is both its strength and its weakness depending on what you're after.

Rating 1 — 10: 7.5

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